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... because at Samplecount every sample counts.


What's Inside

We develop innovative interactive concepts and applications for sound design, music creation and location based audio.
We help you in realizing your sonic ideas for the mobile world and the internet.

We believe in rich interactions and tangible interfaces.

We think that mobile devices have the potential to become collaborative creativity gateways, whether as handheld musical instruments or as augmented reality looking glasses.

Our goal is to use the latest in cloud technologies and web services in order to support you in what you want to achieve and to connect you to your collaborators.

We love clean code and efficient user interfaces and always strive for the simplest, most effective solution in every aspect of our applications.

We are sound synthesis experts and are turned on by synthesized sounds: our vision is to put the most advanced audio technology at your fingertips to support you in your daily creative life.






  • Wernfried Lackner

    Wernfried has over 10 years of professional web programming background in various companies in Berlin and is Cofounder of Null2 GmbH.

    At Samplecount he is responsible for web development, mobile application development and customer care.

  • Stefan Kersten

    Stefan is a realtime audio programming and digital signal processing expert and has years of experience working for well-known music technology companies and as a researcher in the field of sound synthesis.

    At Samplecount he is responsible for the sound engine used in our streaming backend and mobile products, DSP components and mobile application development.


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